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The Chassis.

I decided not to use a Citroën chassis since the original had fared so badly. I bought a pattern chassis from Falcon Design having been attracted in the first place by the option of a stainless steel underskin as well as the fact that the Falcon chassis was cheaper. I have been told that the reputation for rust resistance of the Citroën chassis has improved, and since in one respect the Falcon chassis caused some concern I now wonder whether I made the right decision. There is something satisfying about that stainless steel though - a car which from underneath at least looks like a De Lorean!

The New Chassis
The new Falcon chassis with all the stainless steel underskins in place.
n.b. Only the main underplate supplied by Falcon

The concern with the Falcon chassis was in the alignment of the suspension mounting tubes. At the end of each suspension cylinder is a chassis mounted tube onto which the suspension is mounted (as described in Day 2 ). On the chassis that was delivered to me these tubes were not quite in line. I telephoned Peter Bird at Falcon and he immediately offered to remedy or exchange. But by this time I had accepted delivery - the chassis was in Northumberland and Falcon was in Warwickshire. Even if the exchange was possible at no cost I would have had to arrange to be at home for collection and then re-delivery - all extra hassle. In the end I decided on an alternative course which was to grind the faces of the tubes to the right angle and rely on the fact that the tubes were slightly oversize to allow the suspension mounting tubes to align properly within these chassis tubes. This seems to have worked although in hindsight I would probably have been wiser to go for a replacement chassis - it would at least have avoided some anxiety. Anybody collecting their own chassis would avoid this problem since they would be able (and well advised) to check the chassis over carefully before accepting it.

The text that follows is closely based on the diary that I kept as I was doing the job. The sections correspond to the days of work.

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