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Day 10.

The treatment of the body and wings was followed up by a good thick coat of Finnegan's underseal.

The bumper brackets were also treated with Kurust and Hammerite and refitted to the car, along with the front headlamp bracket. This was a time consuming business with rather a lot of holes to drill, but straightforward. I forgot to fit refit the exhaust hanging bracket with the nearside rear bumper bracket and had to take it off and refit it.

At this stage an extra supply of 7mm bolts from ECAS, and some spare chassis clips from Cit-Bits proved invaluable - I didn't have to waste time trying to reuse badly damaged parts, although many of the bolts had been cut or ground off on dismantling and were unusable anyway.

A new exhaust cross-box was fitted. It is always tricky when replacing this to get it in position between the chassis legs and behind the gearbox. Now I was able to unbolt the back of the new stainless underplate and slip it in easily.

Mike Shepherd from West End Garage rang to say that the body welding was complete. The offside inner rear wing really needed replacing but a new one was not available so he had to patch it - inside and out. The nearside rear wing had also been patched, along with the floor (both sides) and the front valance. Also one front wing which had corroded on the inner section near the exhaust pipe was also welded. The total bill was just over £200 with VAT, which was rather a lot more than I had hoped.

The bill for this project is getting rather huge. Would I have started if I had known? Probably, there is no real alternative if you want to keep a 2CV on the road, and now I know the car so much better I anticipate that I will be able to make this car have a longer second life than it did its first.

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