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Day 11.

I went to collect the repaired body shell. The welding was done but it still needed a fair bit of treatment. I cleaned down all the inside wings and underfloor and gave them the Kurust/Hammerite/Underseal treatment. This took most of the day, and part of the next day too.

Note: The makers of Hammerite recommend that the paint be allowed to cure for six weeks before overpainting or the application of underseal or Waxoyl. We did not fully appreciate this when treating the bodywork.

Before starting this I had got help to lift the shell into position on the new chassis. I then checked the ground clearance with the weight of the body shell on, and adjusted it approximately (heights are in the Haynes manual) thus reassuring myself that it was going to be adjustable within the rather limited range of adjustment that was left on the badly corroded suspension tie-rods. I discovered later that the weight of the bonnet, doors, seats, etc., actually lowers the suspension quite a lot further so this reassurance was actually false. In the end it turned out not to be a problem anyway.

The body shell
Protection of the underbody will never be easier!

While the shell was on we manoeuvred it carefully into position and marked the holes in the chassis for drilling. We were rather pleased to discover that everything seemed to fit together in about the right place. It is important to be sure that the body clears all the important places - in particular the rear suspension arms - and that the steering column appears to line up.

The body was lifted off again and the holes drilled in the chassis.

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