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Day 12.

The preparation of the body shell was completed, giving protection to all the welded parts and the rest of the underside.

On the original car the body was mounted on the chassis with a thin rubbery seal all round. I had spent some time wondering what to replace this with. It needed a sort of draught excluder, but a lot heavier, and lots of it. I finally hit on the idea of using a camping mat, the sort of thing that back-packers carry to sleep on. These are made of closed cell foam - i.e. they are non absorbent - and are about the right thickness. £5 bought one which was cut up and glued into place using Evostick. Very satisfactory.

Meanwhile, my son was making the stainless steel underguards for the front of the chassis. There was no way that 20 gauge stainless could be bent or beaten into the shape of the originals, so an approximation was designed using just straight bends. Fairly satisfactory.

Driveshaft guards
Stainless steel driveshafts are fitted.

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