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Day 13.

A replacement Armacune fuel pipe arrived today, and was fitted. A nice design, in particular the stainless braided flexible hose at the front, into which is inserted a transparent fuel filter. Easy enough to fit, although the fuel pump has to come off. A simple job, two bolts accessed with a socket on a long extension bar. Haynes says change the gasket, but we made do with some Hermetite Gold on the clean faces when we replaced it.

The tank end of the fuel line was a different matter. It ought to have been easy with the body off, but even this was difficult. The problem lay in the fact that the outlet pipe from the tank, as well as the wires for the fuel gauge lie right underneath the chassis subframe - the bridge across the chassis just behind the rear axle. There is absolutely no way that these are accessible with the tank in position. So the tank has to be lowered, even when the body is off. This is probably no big deal - but on this car there doesn't seem to be quite the space between the chassis legs and the tank is a tight fit. Moving it at all is difficult. And then while the fuel line is joined to the tank with a short length of braided flexible hose the main pipe around the tank is solid Armacune. This has to be bent to more or less the right shape to come around the tank and down under the chassis arms. Not difficult but fiddly. I understand from Bonapart that the design is to be modified and that a length of flexible pipe will be used to come right around the tank and connect to the main length of Armacune on the chassis.

The main length of Armacune pipe was clipped to the chassis along its length with the supplied P clips attached with 5mm bolts screwed into tapped holes.

We were ready now for the body to be finally lifted on. A last check of the alignment and the bolts started to go in. The steering column was re-attached at an early stage and proved to be a good fit - some relief.

Bolts were put in fairly steadily, key ones first, then the gaps filled in, tightened down a bit at a time until the whole body was sitting firmly on its camping mat!

We now began to connect up the bits and pieces at the front, heater cables, handbrake, etc.

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