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Day 4.

The assembly of parts onto the new chassis began with the central suspension units. These should have been easy to fit now that all the components had been separated, cleaned, threads restored, lubricated, etc. The only problem was the one obvious fault with the Falcon chassis, which arrived with the suspension mounting tubes rather badly out of line. By badly, I mean that their axes were in each case two or three degrees out of line. I have described this problem in the description of the new chassis. The solution, originally suggested by Peter Bird, was to grind the faces of each cylinder flat and normal to the proper axes. Since each cylinder is actually a split tube, and since there is some play anyway, the tube can be opened out and a reasonable mounting position found. This was done with what looked, in the end, to be reasonable results. I am still not completely happy, and am trusting that the inherent 'play' in this part of the system will make things work properly.

Fitting the suspension to the new chassis
Fitting the suspension to the new chassis.

The next job was to remove the front and rear axles from the old chassis. Each is mounted with two long bolts on each side which run right through the chassis. These looked as if they might cause difficulty, but with the usual Plus-Gas and heat they all came away, with the exception of two, in a corner of the car that had had chassis welding for a recent MOT. The bolt heads had been welded over and removal proved impossible. Fortunately Cit-Bits could provide salvaged replacements very reasonably.

Watch out for the locking plates at the head end of the bolts. Each of these acts as a tab washer for a pair of bolts. Three were salvaged, the one that wasn't was again replaced from Cit-Bits.

Behind the rear axle is a sub-frame that sits between the chassis and the rear floor of the car. It was easily removed by means of four bolts before the rear axle would lift off.

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