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Day 5.

Before the chassis underside was finally bolted down, the holes for the front seat runners were drilled. By locating the runner box just a centimetre or so back from its former position we were able to tap into a reinforced section of the chassis.

It was then possible to finish off the underside. The two front plates in stainless steel were completed, and rather smart louvers cut in the rearmost one. The chassis bottom was now ready to be bolted down. The 5mm stainless bolts were not perfectly satisfactory. The thread is rather fine and one or two of them stripped the threads that I had tapped into the chassis. Perhaps my lack of thread tapping skill was the reason here. Anyway, those that did strip, along with some others in key areas, were drilled out and tapped to 7mm. This seemed to work.

Corrosion in the rear wheel arch
Corrosion inside the rear wheel arch.

Also today the body was taken in for some welding. Inspection had shown that it was badly corroded in a number of places - inside the rear wheel arches, at the seam at the front of the boot floor, on the flat floor panel below the front bulkhead, and on the front floor on the driver's side. Mike Shepherd of West End Garage in Hexham (a local Citroën Specialist) would do the welding. Four people lifted the body on and off a large trailer which I was fortunately able to borrow from a neighbour.

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