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Day 8.

The main brake pipe was fitted, routed from the three way union, along the side of the chassis and up into the engine bay. There are probably several ways to route it. I used new plastic clips from ECAS, although I think some of the old ones would have been re-usable. The P-clips that came with the Armacune were used at the front, on the bolts securing the chassis underskin, to route the cable under the front suspension mountings.

The engine and gearbox were separated and a new clutch was fitted. The only problem here was that the thrust bearing carrier seemed to be a different diameter from the old one, and wouldn't fit onto the shaft. After messing about trying to ream it out I decided to put the new bearing onto the old carrier and refit it. The Valeo kit from ECAS came with a plastic mandrel to locate the friction plate - very useful.

The gearbox was refitted to the chassis, supported first of all on its rear mountings with a plank under the box and on top of the chassis to support the front.

The gearbox in place
The gearbox in place.

Then the engine was lifted back to mate up with the gearbox. Three people proved useful here - two to lift and bear the weight of the engine while a third got the nuts onto the studs joining the engine to the gearbox. Once the nuts were finger tight the plank could be removed and the engine and gearbox lowered so that the front engine mountings rested on the front cross member ready to be bolted up. There was a slight snag here in that the Citroën chassis had a hollow rectangular-section cross member while the Falcon is just a U-section. This means that the original mounting bolts are far too long. They could of course be cut down, but I decided not to. A lot of washers were used to bring the bolt down - a proper spacer would have been better but I couldn't find anything suitable.

Starting to look like a car again!
Starting to look like a car again!

The wheels were now temporarily fitted and the chassis lowered back onto them. Starting to look like a car again. This is the time to check the suspension. the shock absorbers were not on yet and the chassis bounced nicely on its springs. I did this quite a bit to make sure that the suspect suspension cylinder mountings were not causing any problems - they seemed to be working OK. The mounting nuts, however, were not properly tight. I had an old adjustable spanner that would fit them, but remember that there are two nuts to each mounting, one at each end of the mounting cylinder. Turn one and the whole cylinder turns, so the system will never be tightened. Another spanner is called for - perhaps this was the time to invest in a good large adjustable spanner.

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