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Steph is a portable library that provides windows, menus, dialog boxes, etc., in text mode systems. The interface with the underlying system is provided by separate libraries. Interfaces are currently provided for Unix systems, using the curses library, and for IBM PC compatibles running DOS.

Steph features:

The current version, 1.99.0, was released on Tuesday, 24th September, 2002.

Steph 1.99.0 is a development version which will become version 2.0 in due course.

Steph is based on some very old code, and is poorly documented. The main features do work, but many others are incomplete. It has not been actively developed recently, and is not one of my highest priorities at this time. I have released the code in its current state in the hope that it will be useful, or that others will be able to contribute to its development.

I am not sure how much interest, if any, there is in text mode window systems these days. The amount of time that I devote to this project will depend entirely on the amount of interest that this release generates. If you like it, please email me. Better still, get involved in the development.

Steph requires functions provided by the SUtil library.

Download steph-1.99.0.tar.gz here.

Steph is provided as C source code, under the GNU Public License.

Please if you have a problem, a suggestion, or if you would like to assist with Steph development.